CAPABILITIES: For selected markets of broad interest, Forward Concepts publishes multi-client market research studies, principally for digital signal processing and related vertical markets such as cellphone chips and wireless communications. For client-specific needs, custom proprietary studies are conducted. All research is conducted by experts in the target market/technology of interest.

METHODOLOGIES: Market research studies may be based on primary data, secondary data, or both. Our staff has conducted primary research on a global basis, including personal visits to key industry personnel, telephone interviews and mail surveys. Information collected enters a project data base, enabling statistical analysis and interpretation. Collected data can often be provided to the client in digital form along with the market study report for future information access from a different perspective.

QUALIFICATIONS: Forward Concepts maintains a small permanent staff of qualified individuals with extensive industry experience. Projects are executed under the overall direction of Will Strauss, the company’s founder and President. Mr. Strauss was formerly Executive VP at In-Stat Incorporated, and earlier was VP of Market Research at Integrated Circuit Engineering Corporation. For projects requiring very specialized knowledge, Forward Concepts has developed a network of technical experts that it accesses when necessary.

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Cellular Communications
  • Broadband Data Communications
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Integrated Circuits

Since its founding in 1984, Forward Concepts has undertaken many custom market studies. Representative past client-specific studies include:


  • DSP Chips
  • DSP IP
  • GaAs Circuits
  • BiCMOS ICs
  • Flash EPROMs
  • Fast PLDs
  • Mixed-Signal ASICs
  • Fast EEPROMs


  • DSP EDA Tools
  • Power Grid Subsystems
  • Motor Control Subsystems
  • Single-Board Computers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Acousto-Optic Devices
  • Magnetic & Optical Disks
  • Multichip Modules
  • Videoconferencing